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Regulations – apartment using conditions

The following regulations are to ensure security and the best possible conditions for the people staying in an apartment and protecting the apartment together with its furnishings.
The regulations establish conditions of placing reservations and using the apartments at Bożego Ciała 7 in Kraków.
The regulations consist of the following chapters:


  • The Regulations constitute an integral part of the apartment usage agreement (agreement on service provision in the scope of accommodation for no-housing purposes).
  • Apartment usage agreement is concluded by and between the Holder and the Guest.
  • The Holder is the apartment owner, enterpriser acting as a Bonus Development limited liability company, limited partnership, with its registered office in Kraków, Rynek Główny 15, 31-008, entered in a Registry of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register by the Kraków-Śródmieście District Court, 11th Commercial Division of a National Court Register, company registration number (KRS): 0000265452, with a tax identification number (NIP): 6762339065, statistical number (REGON): 120380047.
  • The Guest is a real person enjoying full legal capacity.
  • The Apartment usage agreement is deemed concluded when the reservation is made and an advance – paid.
  • Making a reservation implies accepting the provisions of the regulations.
  • According to the Art. 38 clause 12 of the Consumer Rights Act of 30 May 2014 (Journal of Laws 2014, pos. 827) the Consumer has no right to withdraw from the agreement concluded off-premises or at distance.


  • To reserve a given apartment, the Guest reserves the stay online, using the form on the web page: If the payment of advance is not confirmed within 48 hours, system cancels the reservation.
  • An advance may be paid when reservation is made, by a bank transfer to an indicated bank account or by a credit card. After the payment is made, the reservation is deemed confirmed.
  • The reservation becomes effective at the moment of its crediting on the apartment Holder’s bank account.
  • After the advance is received, a Guest gets an e-mail with a confirmation of reservation of a given apartment for a chosen period.
  • If the reservation is cancelled:
    • At least 14 days before the stay starts, the advance is returned in total.
    • At least 7 days before the stay starts, the advance is returned with 50% deduction for a contractual punishment covering for Holder’s work and for the damage resulting from the necessity of finding a new guest.
    • Less than 7 days before the stay starts, the advance is returned with 80% deduction for a contractual punishment covering for Holder’s work and for the damage resulting from the necessity of finding a new guest.
  • The Guest may transfer all their rights resulting from making a reservation to a different person, if the said person undertakes all the obligations resulting from the reservation. In such situation, the Guest should immediately notice the Holder about the change of the reservation making person, sending a declaration of transferring the rights, specifying the personal data of the person who receives the rights and obligations of a Guest as a scan signed by the Guest and by the person making the declaration. The declaration should be sent at least on the day of apartment handover to the e-mail address


  • Prices may change depend on the reservation date. Prices shown on the website at the day of booking are binding.
  • The apartment Guest has to pay an advance for a stay before arrival. The remaining payments have to be made at least at the day of arrival.
  • A failure to pay for the stay in advance gives the apartment service the right to refuse to check-in the Guest and to give them the keys to the apartment. In such situation, the Holder keeps the whole advance as a contractual punishment for the damages resulting from losing profit for the Guest’s stay.
  • At the Guest’s request, within 7 days from the day of checkout, the VAT invoice is issued. The invoice is sent by a registered letter at the given address.
  • The apartment is made available for days.
  • The apartment stay lasts from 3PM to 11AM.
  • A request for extending the stay for more than it was indicated on the day of arrival, the Guest should make at the apartment service until 9 AM at the day the time of apartment usage ends. The request for staying longer is taken into consideration if there are free apartments to be used.

  • Check-in ends at 10PM.
  • The Holder reserves a right not to hand the keys over if:
    • The Guest is under the influence of alcohol and any other intoxicating agent, or
    • If the number of people exceeds the admissible number;
    - in such situation, the Holder keeps the whole advance as a contractual punishment for the damages resulting from losing profit for the Guest’s stay.
  • Personal ID card is necessary for checking-in. If it is questioned by the designated contact person, they can ask for a second document confirming the identity of the person who wishes to check-in (passport, driving licence) without giving a reason.
  • During the handover of keys, the introducing person gives the Guest instructions concerning the usage of any electronic devices in the apartment. This moment is also the moment of getting to know the technical and quantitative state of the apartment and appliances situated in it.
  • If the Guest does not report any remarks and reservations towards the technical conditions of the apartment at the moment of introduction it implies that the apartment is handed over in the state that does not cause any remarks and reservations of the Guest.
  • The apartment service has no right to enter the apartment without the Guest’s permission, not to mention moving or using their personal possessions. The right of admission to the apartment used by the Guest applies only to the situations of dangers that threaten the safety of other Guests, tenement house inhabitants or when the Guests do not follow the apartment regulations.
  • No pets, of any kind, are allowed in the apartments.
  • The items left in the apartment by the Guest after their departure will be sent at the Guest’s cost to the indicated address. If they do not indicate any address to which the items left are to be sent, and if they do not personally collect the items within 3 days from departure, the service shall dispose of the items in accordance with the provisions concerning lost and found items.
  • For the fire protection reasons, it is prohibited to use any items or devices powered by electric or gas energy not constituting the rooms furnishing, and that may result in creating a fire risk, e.g. electric heaters, heaters, and gas burners in the apartment. It is prohibited to bring combustible, explosive materials as well as those of unpleasant smells in the apartment.
  • Each time you leave the apartment, please check, whether it is properly locked. It is strictly prohibited to take the things belonging to the apartment (e.g. towels, blankets, cushions, appliances etc.) out of it. Please care about the apartment you use, turn off the light when you do not need it, and turn off the water.
  • It is prohibited to smoke in the apartment.
  • The Guest who, on purpose or by accident, damages the apartment, is obliged to bear all the incurring costs. On the day of departure, the Guest is obliged to make the room available for the person appointed to check the accommodation state. The Guest has no right to leave the apartment before it is accepted. All the claims resulting from potential damages verified during the check-out shall be settled amicably, and, if it is ineffective, in court.
  • On the day of departure, the Guests are obliged to leave the apartment until 11 AM.
  • The apartment has to be left in a state it was found upon arrival.
  • If the Guest leaves earlier for reasons being beyond the Holder’s control, they have no right to claim for repayment for unused service.

The Holder is not liable for the loss of money, securities, valuable possessions and items owned by the Guests or kept in the apartment, and for any damages to the things.

While making reservation at the website, the Guest agrees to their personal data being placed in the Holder’s database. The data shall be processed only for the purpose of realising reservation and making the apartment available for usage, in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act of 29.08.1997. The reserving party has a right to inspect and update their data.

In the case of any disputes between the Holder and the Guest, Polish law shall apply. The disputes shall be solved by the court appropriate for the Holder’s registered office.
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